Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Experience the Prestige Difference in Fort Myers: Custom Outdoor Kitchens fitted with the American-Made appliances.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Excellence in Design, Build & Project Management

Experience Outdoor Cooking Experience with Custom Designs and Premium American-Made Appliances.

You deserve an outdoor culinary experience that matches your love for fine food, your passion for cooking, and your desire to entertain.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Don't Miss Out on Outdoor Dining

Maximize Your Living Space

We help create a home dining experience to rival any restaurant. Complete with a top-tier grill, a convenient refrigerator, or a sink, our Fort Myers outdoor kitchens transform your seasonal stay. Enhance your outdoor living and enjoy unforgettable gatherings. Our aim is to provide you with a space where you can create memorable outdoor experiences right here in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Tailor-Made Outdoor Kitchens for Fort Myers, FL

From high-quality American-made grills to customizable countertops, our team takes the time to understand your vision, offering personalized designs and finishes that seamlessly blend with your outdoor living space in Fort Myers..

Your Dream, Our Blueprint

We don't just rely on photos or generic plans; we meet with you to take precise measurements and understand the unique flow of your living space.Experience a tailored design journey where your dreams take shape through genuine collaboration and expert guidance.

Craftsmanship Meets Cost-Efficiency

This collaboration between our plumbers and electricians results in not just a beautiful and functional space for your Fort Myers house, but also significant savings, reflecting our dedication to providing you with the best value possible.

On-Time Project Management

Our commitment to on-time project management ensures that from concept to completion, every detail is handled with care, efficiency, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Custom Designed & Premium Built

Get an Excellent Value & Design

Our Fort Myers outdoor kitchens are fully customizable from appliances like sinks, grills, fridges and hoods to the countertops and stack stones that give the appearance of a hand-laid stack.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Elevate Your Grilling Game

The battle with inconsistent cooking temperatures and limited grilling options can be frustrating. At Prestige Outdoor Kitchens, we understand the importance of a perfect meal. That's why we offer a variety of grills from charcoal or pellet. We are committed to designing and installing your dream outdoor kitchen right here in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Unparalleled Outdoor Entertaining + Cooking Space

Our outdoor kitchens are crafted with precision and passion.

Fort Myers's stunning coastal scenery provides the perfect backdrop for an outdoor kitchen that is paired with a excellent dining experience in your backyard.

At Prestige Outdoor Kitchens, we understand that every chef has unique needs and preferences, and we are able to work with you for whatever you want for your outdoor kitchen, whether you need just a grill and sink or if you need a refrigerator, sink, grill, grill hood, and bar seating.

We specialize in providing our fellow Florida homeowners with exceptional outdoor cooking spaces and appliances, extending our services to neighboring communities including:

Take a look at our previous projects here.

Outdoor cooking, grilling & dining is an experience you’ll love & expands your home’s living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Builder in Fort Myers, Florida

Build Your Dream Outdoor Space With Prestige Outdoor Kitchens

Why settle for the mundane when excellence is attainable?

With Artisan Professional Grills from Prestige Outdoor Kitchens, take your dining to unparalleled levels.

At Prestige Outdoor Kitchens, we're proud to offer Artisan Professional Grills, a symbol of true American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Designed and manufactured right here in the USA, these grills represent the pinnacle of quality, performance, and durability.

Designed for the Florida homeowners who demands more, these innovative cooking appliances, along with Prestige Outdoor Kitchens' impeccable craftsmanship, enable you to produce restaurant-quality cuisine from the comfort of your backyard.

Outdoor Cooking, Redefined.

Alongside our Artisan grills, we offer Coyote, Al Fresco, Twin Eagles, & Delta Heat.

With Prestige Outdoor Kitchens, uncover the limitless possibilities of outdoor dining and entertaining.

Prestige Outdoor Kitchens Fort Myers Florida

Countertops - Appliances - Stone

Learn more about the stone, appliances and countertops that go into our custom outdoor kitchens.


From entry-level to exotic, find the perfect granite to make your dream Outdoor Kitchen a reality.


Be amazed at the precision and power of our high-performance outdoor kitchen appliances.

Stack Stone

Upgrade your Outdoor Kitchen with timeless elegance and durability with our Stack Stone.


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